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Plenary Speakers

Sir Fraser Stoddart
UNSW Chemistry

Professor Christine McKenzie
University of Southern Denmark

Christine's interests centre on coordination and bioinorganic chemistry. In particular, small molecule activation and gaining spin-state control over first row transition metal complexes so they can selectively activate terminal oxidants for implementation in range of catalytic C-H oxidations. I will talk about molecular iron chemistry, terminal oxidant activation and catalysis.

Professor Hai-Bo Yang
ECNU Shanghai

Dr. Yang's research interests span the areas of organic, organometallic, and supramolecular chemistry. In particular, he is very interested in supramolecular coordination complexes (SCCs) and their applications in materials science. His presentation will concern the construction of stimuli-responsive functional materials through hierarchical self-assembly involving coordination bonds.

Professor Eva Hevia
University of Bern

Eva's research focuses on polar organometallic chemistry at the crossroads of inorganic, organic, and green chemistry. Some of her recent contributions include the use of cooperative bimetallic compounds for the activation of pharmaceutically relevant organic molecules, as well as the advancement of new methods that replace the use of toxic organic solvents in this chemistry by more sustainable and biorenewable systems.

Professor Hongzhe Sun
University of Hong Kong

Hongzhe’s research lies in the chemical biology of metals, particularly metals in biology and medicine. He is a pioneer in bioinorganic metalloproteomics chemistry and recognized for his work at the cutting edge between inorganic chemistry and biology/medicine to uncover potential metallodrug binding proteins in pathogens, metallobiology, and overcoming antimicrobial resistance.

Professor Michaele Hardie
University of Leeds

Research interests are in the areas of metallosupramolecular chemistry, new molecular hosts and chemical crystallography, with particular interests in the self-assembly of discrete nano-scale (metallo)supramolecular cages using host-type ligand scaffolds, functional multi-nuclear complexes, and coordination polymers and metal-organic frameworks.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Gilles Gasser
Chimie ParisTech

Research in the Gasser group lies at the interface between inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and biology and concerns the utilisation of metal complexes for biological and medicinal purposes. He will present the latest results of his group on the use of metal-based compounds in medicine.

Associate Professor Colette Boskovic
University of Melbourne

Research in the Boskovic Group is focused on inorganic molecular materials relevant to the fields of molecular magnetism, lanthanoid chemistry, redox-active ligands and switchable molecules. In her talk at IC19, Colette will present recent research results concerning switchable molecular materials with redox-active ligands.

Professor Martyn Coles
Victoria University of Wellington

Research in the Coles group is focussed on the chemistry of main group elements in low oxidation-states with recent emphasis on antimony and bismuth complexes in 1+ or 2+ oxidation-states. He will present his recent results on the synthesis and reactivity of low oxidation-state aluminyl and indyl anions.

Associate Professor Pheobe Glazer
University of Kentucky

Research in the Glazer group seeks to understand dynamic biological and chemical processes utilising photoactive metal complexes as probes and photoswitchable molecules for pro-drugs. A range of biochemical techniques, and biophysics approaches, are used to interrogate biomolecules. Our recent results will be presented at IC19.

Professor Mark MacLachlan
University of British Columbia

Mark's research interests range from macrocyclic and coordination chemistry to new materials based on cellulose nanocrystals where he has developed a new family of templated mesoporous inorganic materials with photonic properties.

Professor Penelope Brothers
Australian National University 

Current research interests centre around the intriguing chemistry of boron coordinated to porphyrin and corrole ligands, metallated BODIPY fluorophores for sugar recognition and photocatalytic hydrogen production and supramolecular surface patterning using molecular pentagons.  The latest results from our research will be presented at IC19.

Professor Shane Telfer
Massey University

Shane is a synthetic chemist at heart, with a particular interest in things inorganic and chiral. Lately, this has extended to porous and catalytically-active materials. I will present a talk on gas separations using some straightforward and robust metal-organic frameworks and relay how we can understand the performance of these materials using X-ray crystallography.

Dr Rebecca Melen
Cardiff University


Main Group chemistry has undergone a renaissance in recent years with the realisation that the reactivity of main group elements often closely resembles that of transition metals in small molecule activation and catalysis. Research in the Melen group focuses on main group catalyst design as well as the applications of main group Lewis acids in organic synthesis and catalytic processes. Dr Melen's talk will discuss recent developments in the Melen group that investigate new directions in metal free catalysis to provide new openings in both the synthesis and applications of main group compounds.



Invited Speakers



Professor Hugh Harris (Adelaide)
Dr Benjamin Fraser (ANSTO)
Dr Nicholas Cox (ANU)
Dr Peter Barnard (La Trobe)
Professor Paul Donnelly (Melbourne)
Associate Professor Guy Jameson (Melbourne)
Associate Professor Lisa Martin (Monash)
Associate Professor Sally Plush (UniSA)
Dr Aviva Levina (USydney)
Professor Peter Lay (USydney)
Associate Professor Kelly Tuck (Monash)
Professor Rachel Codd (USydney)
Professor Paul Bernhardt (UQ)
Professor Trevor Hambley (USydney)
Professor Louis Rendina (USydney)
Professor Phil Andrews (Monash) 

Main Group & Organometallic

Associate Professor Jason Dutton (La Trobe)
Dr Zhenguo Huang (UTS)
Dr Vicki Blair (Monash)
Dr Erin Leitao (Auckland)
Associate Professor Koushik Venkatesan (Macquarie)
Associate Professor Nigel Lucas (Otago)
Professor Warren Piers (UCalgary)
Professor Reto Dorta (UWA)
Associate Professor Graham Saunders (UWaikato)
Associate Professor Stephen Colbran (UNSW)
Professor Mark Ogden (Curtin University)
Professor Mark Humphrey (ANU)
Professor George Koutsantonis (UWA)
Professor Anthony Hill (ANU) 


Professor Christian Doonan (Adelaide)
Dr Nicholas White (ANU)
Dr Jonathan Kitchen (Massey)
Dr Nicole Rijs (UNSW)
Dr David Turner (Monash)
Professor Lyall Hanton (Otago)
Dr David McMorran (Otago)
Associate Professor Suzanne Neville (UNSW)
Associate Professor Stephen Moggach (UWA)
Dr Feng Li (WSU)
Dr Carol Hua (Melbourne)
Professor Stuart Batten (Monash) 

Solid State

Professor Julie Cairney (USydney)
Dr Franca Jones (Curtin)
Dr Alfonso Garcia-Bennet (Macquarie)
Dr Alexey Glushenkov (ANU)
Professor Yun Liu (ANU)
Dr Anthony Phillips (Queen Mary University of London)
Associate Professor Siggi Schmid (USydney)
Professor Brendan Kennedy (USydney)
Associate Professor Anthony Masters (USydney)