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Diversity in Inorganic Chemistry Symposium

IC19 will provide an opportunity to hear about the exciting diversity of inorganic chemistry research being carried out in Australia and internationally. During the conference, in conjunction with the RACI NSW Women in Chemistry Group, a symposium will be held to consider aspects of diversity in chemistry:

Diversity of researchers – chemistry continues to face challenges with diversity, with many groups underrepresented in research, including women, social and ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities.

Diversity of careers – chemistry graduates go on to have impact in a wide range of careers. We will host a panel discussion featuring chemistry graduates who now work across a variety of sectors.

All chemists (both men and women) are most welcome to attend the Diversity in Inorganic Chemistry Symposium.

Programme for the Symposium:
1.30 Symposium keynote: A/Prof. Colette Boskovic
2.00 Panel discussion: Diversity of Researchers
3.00 Afternoon tea and networking
3.30 Panel discussion: Diversity of Careers